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Welcome to my online portfolio. Below you will find information on my most recent role as
Design / Edit Assistant at the The Mill, one of the most successful post production houses in the world for tv, film and advertising.

Additionally, you'll find recent works created by myself individually, collaborated on at University, or that I worked on whilst employed at Slipmode, a motion graphics studio in west London.

I am very proficient in learning and using creative software packages for print, moving image, and 3d modelling / animation, which I have been practicing in from a young age.

I graduated June 2006 with BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Central Saint Martin's, University of the Arts.

Experience in the following fields:
graphic design, pitching, researching, editing, photography, 3d modeling, texturing, animating, compositing, environmental level design, filming, drawing, digital painting, idea development.

Quicktime is required to view videos.

responsibilities : my duties whilst working in this position were varied and challenging. my main role was to support the producers and directors in anyway they required, but particularly in creating high quality bespoke pitch documents for potential clients, as well as graphically redesigning a large number of credential documents for the marketing department, and designing portfolios for mill tv & film.

i was encouraged to put forward creative solutions on any task, and invited to boardroom meetings to develop script and pitch ideas for potential commercials, particularly when advertising video games due to my keen interest and knowledge of the subject.

over time i became entrusted with more demanding tasks such as creating the the mill's production bible which included the formatting of the book, written contributions, illustrations and research. i was also utilized for location scouting and for solely organizing and carrying out casting sessions for a high profile automobile commercial.

i gained a great deal of production and design experience during my time in this high pressure environment which i am certain will serve me well in the future.

please click the button below to see examples of work from my time in this role.

description : a 3d animated channel ident for music television.

creation : my task was to conceptualise a channel ident that would appeal to mtv's target audience of 16-25 year old males. i thought about the changes in music throughout my lifetime and felt that the transitions in formats and the multiple ways we listen to music would be more of a universal subject than working on an idea about specific genres of music.

i solely modeled, textured and animated all objects in 3d studio max, and then rendered each model seperately. each model was then composited into various scenes using final cut pro. the final mtv logo was animated with traditional frame by frame painting methods.

description : personal 3d work in level design for natural selection.

creation : i am passionate about communicating with players to aid and encourage them in navigating and feeling immersed in virtual environments. i like to come up with original ideas and experiment with game engines to see what i can achieve and how far they can be pushed.

in 2002 i became a resident mapper at gamespy's planet half-life network due to my level design contributions to the online community.

previous level design programs i have worked with during the last twelve years are : build (duke nukem 3d), worldcraft / valve hammer (quake 1 & 2, half-life 1 & 2), outlawed (outlaws).

description : an internet film for lexus hybrid synergy drive.

creation : i was involved with this project from shoot to final edit. i shot additional photography during the two day shoot which i then used for animations and overlays during post. i was also responsible for creating tracking mattes and rotoscoping to make the transition from video to photography as seamless as possible. all assets were composited, edited and graded in after effects. created whilst employed at slipmode as assistant designer.

description : a film trailer for thescreen.biz.

creation : i was required to select clips from many politically charged films and then edit it all together into a final assembly. i was given free reign to edit the trailer so long as it promoted the season of current political films at thescreen.biz.

the intro and outro graphics were created using the thescreen.biz logo combined with my own experimental timelapse photography. created whilst employed at slipmode as assistant art director.

description : a five minute slideshow presentation for the book: 'phx : 21st century city,' which was screened at the serpentine gallery.

creation : this brief demanded that i create a presentation slideshow showcasing the architectural wonders of phoenix, arizona. many selected images from the book 'phx : 21st century city' had to be converted to appropriate formats and sizes to work with in after effects. all frames were then ordered and cross dissolved with subtle animation applied using scale and position keyframing.

description : a music video designed for the dj shadow 'this time' music video competition.

creation : the motivation behind this project was to celebrate hammer esque horror films of the 70s and 80s. a majority of the footage was shot on 16mm film in the disused shoreditch tube station using an old bolex camera. the film was edited in final cut pro and colour graded in after effects. various hand held shots had to be stabilized and i included additional time-lapse photography which was graded to give the video a surreal other worldy aesthetic. contains scenes of moderate gore.

description : multiple photography projects for great western studios, west london, including the photography for the official website.

creation : this job required me to take photographs of great western studios exterior and interior, including many resident artist's studio's, for the official great western studios website.

my aim was to capture the spirit and creativity of the inspiriational and diverse artists that inhabit and make this wonderful working environment. other work included gallery and open day photography. photographs were taken on a canon ps pro 1 and a nikon d70.

description : an online interview for monocle magazine.

creation : i was required to go through an hours worth of incidental footage of the lego hq in denmark and select clips that would effectively introduce and reflect upon the professional tone of the interview. i was then responsible for editing the selected assets for the final assembly. created whilst employed at slipmode as assistant art director.

description : a 3d animation depicting everyday life of london pigeons. made for my ba (hons) graphic design degree.

creation : the banning of pigeon feeding in trafalgar square prompted me to create this animation of london. the animation in it's entiriety was to show the tough disgarded life of london pigeons whilst also portraying their survival.

all 3d objects were made and textured in 3d studio max and then composited and edited in final cut pro.
all pigeons were drawn by hand using pencil and ink. textures were created using a mixture of digital painting methods and photography.

description : time lapse photography shot in various locations around the uk, predominantly in london and cornwall. i archive this hd photography for motion graphic use and visual effects.

creation : all photography was shot on a canon ps pro 1. footage was edited and graded in final cut pro and after effects. various shots were stabilized and lens corrected in shake.

description : a 3d animation designed for and used in lobby area of the Bloomberg Building, Finsbury Square.

creation : the brief for this project was to create something captivating for employees and visitors entering the bloomberg building. the projection area was approx. 10 metres wide and 2 metres in height. this gave me an unusual aspect ratio to work within and allowed me to experiment with new compositions and camera work.

bloomberg were happy with the idea of a 'space race' which would feature three futuristic vehicles flying around a race course in outer space.

all 3d objects were modeled and textured in 3d studio max, and then rendered individually. each layer was then composited into various scenes using final cut pro.

description : a video showcasing my abilities ranging from storyboarding to animatic, through to final rendered 3d models.

creation : i created this sequence to improve and demonstrate my ability to conceptualise, design, and realise, aswell as to experiment with new techniques before committing to a final idea. all 3d objects were modeled and textured in lightwave 3d v9.2, and then animated on several independent layers. each model was then composited into various scenes using after effects.

description : illustration and concepts of various scenerios for self initiated animation or video game level design projects.

creation : i find my inspiration in the outside world and constantly find myself studying my environment with the intention of utilising it for level designs and animation.

i am also contantly collecting newspaper and magazine cuttings of images or articles that inspire me to create. all these assets are catalogued into image reference folders so my work is often a reflection of the world's current political and cultural climate.

images are created using pencil, pen and paper, or digitally with a wacom intuos 3.

description : multiple interviews for various events which will feature on special ten dvd magazine.

creation : all interviews were captured and cut in final cut pro. additional footage had to be converted so all assets were the same widescreen format. all assets were then edited together through several stages of assembly. various clips were colour graded for continuity and vocal tracks were equalized and mastered to remove ambient fuzz.

images and information will be available when special ten magazine is published in september 2007.